What is a Life Captain?

As adults, the state of our Health, Wealth and happiness is entirely our own choice.

Life-Captains are those people who have recognised that choice is their own responsibility, and are willing to grasp that responsibility firmly with both hands.

They have defined objectives and a sense of purpose that covers their career, relationships, social life as well as their own health and well-being.

We all have the choice of being in control of our lives, but not everyone wishes to assume that responsibility. Some would like to take on that responsibility but are not sure how. That is where Life-Coaches come in - to help those to become Life-Captains.

On this website we provide resources and inspiration for both those that are already
Life-Captains and aspiring Life-Captains with topics such as:

We have Life Coaches to coach the team, but we need Life-Captains to head the team, the team that is US

Relationships & Dating